Career Profile

I am a Computer Science PhD from University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). My advisors are Dr. Zary Segall and Dr. Anupam Joshi. My research interests lie in context awareness, wireless networks, Mobile video and IoT. My dissertation research was performed at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden and UMBC where my work addressed designing and implementing novel content delivery techniques with the goal of improving the overall experience of a mobile user.


Entrepreneur in Residence at Entrepreneur First

Sep 2016 - Present

Selected to Europe’s best accelerator (Investor AllStars 2016) specializing in deep tech.

2.5% acceptance rate for Europe’s most talented technical founders.

Working on a stealth startup that enables live streaming of events at scale with ultra low latency.


Jan 2016 - Present

Leading the productization of Klikify – a multi user interactive solution for digital signage.

Translated needs into product design concepts and led the implementation.

Collaborated between cross cultural teams across countries.

Research Engineer

Dec 2011 - Jan 2016

Led the technical design and development of Semantic Light platform, which created next generation experiences using mobile devices and smart lighting.

Independently developed backend services to connect with mobile (Android & iOS) apps.

Collaborated between multiple cross-organization teams including marketing, technical, design.

Performed qualitative and quantitative analysis on research data for user experience.

As part of dissertation research, conducted research on improving the QoE of a mobile user.

Other tasks included grant proposal and patent writing.


May 2011 - Aug 2011

Worked on cloud resource provision automation for application onboarding and deployment using Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TSAM).

Research Assistant

Aug 2010 - Dec 2011


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[10] - Pavan Kumar K et al., “A Novel Experimental Framework to Investigate Context-Aware Solutions for Opportunistic M2M Content Delivery”, WirelessAdhoc, May 2011
Master Thesis - Context awareness for content delivery over mobile networks
PhD Thesis - Towards content delivery optimization in future wireless networks



Languages: Java, Javascript, Python, Perl

Systems: Linux/Unix, Windows, MATLAB, Android App. Development

Framework: Struts, MapReduce

Technology: Node.js, Websockets, meteorjs